Tomato Frog Males. They are all calling and ready to go.


We have a few Adult Females available. They all have amazing color!


These guys ridiculously cool! They have an great dispostion and do really well in captivity. This is a species that needs to be bred more in captivity.



Deremensis Chameleon. Only selling in pairs or as lone females.


This is a very neat true spider that has a long life span. These guys are really hardy but posses a potent venom so they are not for beginners. 

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of this spider to anyone. We will not ship this spider to anyone without speaking with them first over the phone.


Acanthogonatus francki. Not tarantulas but this is just the best catagory to put them in. Heavy webbers, amazing color, and fairly easy to deal with. Whats not to love about this invert?


This is a terrestrial beetle that is very easy to keep and can live up to 12 years. When disturbed these beetles play dead!


These guys are new to us and we LOVE them! They are extremely calm, colorful, 12"-15" and eat like champs. This is a perfect pet lizard.


Baby Giant Pixie Frogs.


Giant Pixie frogs are the second largest frog in the world! Pixie Frogs eat everything, from crickets and other insects along with worms, fish and rodents!